Premier Man Review

Premier Man is a clothing site specifically catering towards men in their 40’s and 50’s, however, that

is not to say that they only cater for this group. Premier Man focus the majority of their products

around comfort, fit and value. For this reason you are able to buy clothes of any size (Up to 5XL),

while paying the exact same price as smaller sizes.


Within the men’s section they stock a wide range of different clothing styles; from T-shirts, knitwear,

sportswear, a wide variety of different trouser types and accessories. The wide range of prices

ensure that you are able to make the best decision for your own wardrobe, at an affordable price.

The average t-shirt costs between £20-30 , which, considering the high quality, seems a great

bargain. Alongside their men’s section is an extensive variety of available shoes to purchase. The

shoes range in price from £10 to £200 but the best deals can be found within the £25 and under

section for those on a budget.


Although it may not seem obvious by the company name, Premier Man also have an extensive

assortment of women’s clothing. The high quality and affordable trend in the men’s clothing is

continued within the women’s, where they have anything from dresses to knitwear, to lingerie.

Premier Man’s sizing offer is exactly the same in the women’s section where it is the same price for

the item, regardless of size. This, alongside their stocking sizes 8 through 38 ensures that, no matter

what your body type or clothing style, there will be something for you!


In the men’s section the primary brands sold by Premier man include the prestigious ‘French

Connection’, ‘Lambretta’ and ‘Breakburn’, with a vast amount of options from both ‘Southbay’ and

‘Williams and Brown’. The women’s section houses a variety of clothes from great brands such as

‘Anthology’, ‘Calvin Klein’, ‘Heavenly Soles’ and ‘Joanna Hope’. So you know you’re getting quality

with each purchase, alongside your great price.


As with many clothing stores, Premier Man has a credit account option to ensure that you get the

most out of your shopping experience. The credit or ‘personal account’ allows you to shop any way

you want while giving a 14 day period to try before you buy in the ‘comfort of your own home’. You

will not have to pay any interest on your personal account if you pay the balance in full by the date

on your statement and, if this isn’t’ an option, you can spread the cost and pay as much as you want

(above the minimum payment) to ensure your clothing needs fit within your personal budget.

On a final note, make sure to be on the look for flash deals on the website and on their social media

profiles so you never miss a deal!

5 Tips to easily improve your credit rating score


1: Understand what your credit rating is and how it affects you!

Your credit rating (or credit score) is a tool which lenders use in order to determine whether you have met the criteria to be given a particular credit card, loan, mortgage or service. it is also used to find out the amount in which you can be loaned, or even how much interest you should be charged.

BEWARE! Don’t get confused into thinking that there is a credit rating blacklist within the UK. Although you may hear horror stories of people being repeatedly declined credit that does not mean that they have been blacklisted and can never get credit. Even if one lender has rejected you credit, it may still be possible to gain credit through other sources.

It is therefore important to improve your credit rating to improve your chances of getting the best deal available!

2: Know what sort of things affect your credit score

Although there is no universal tool which lenders use to determine credit rating, there are a multitude of things which can negatively affect your credit score, these include:

  • Your history of credit account payments
  • The information included in your credit report (Such as the amount of your current available credit that you’re using, or the amount of your total debts).
  • High levels of current debt- credit loaners likely to be less comfortable lending money when you already have a high amount of existing debt.
  • Failing to pay or being late in paying any mortgage, credit card payments, utility bills (such as gas and electric) or personal loan bills will negatively affect your credit rating for up to 6 years.
  • Having more credit available than you currently use. For instance, if you have numerous credit accounts open but never use any of them, lenders will be able to see this and make judgements on it.
  • Not staying in the same home! It may sound unfair but if you move home regularly lenders are going to be less comfortable giving credit if you haven’t resided in the same address for a decent length of time.


3: Building up that credit rating from the ground up

Using a credit-building prepaid card can be an easy way to begin improving your credit rating straight away. These cards work by having you sign a credit agreement in which you are “loaned” a small amount of money (Less than £100) and you agree to pay back this loan at a monthly rate of £5 a month until the loan is repaired. At the end of the payment, assuming you haven’t missed any of your payments, this consistent repayment is recorded on your credit report.

However, there are some down sides with using prepaid credit building cards. The biggest of these being FEES! You might pay around £5 to purchase the card in the first place, 2.5% on everything you spend with the card and a small extra fee (A few pound) to top up your card.

Furthermore, prepaid credit building cards are not accepted everywhere, and you may not be able to use them to pay for things such as petrol at the pump or at some online shops. Make sure you research the prepaid card you choose to get and understand the rules relating to your card; and try to get one with the lowest fees!

4: Pay for what you already pay for, using credit!

Using a credit card to pay for your regular expenses, such as utility bills or other monthly expenditure can be a great way to improve your credit rating with very little extra effort. If the amount that you pay is pretty much static every single payment, you can pay for those expenses on your credit card while setting up a direct debit from your main bank account to repay everything on your credit card. Say you spend £100 a month on certain utility bills. You pay for these monthly using a direct debit with your credit card. You then set up a direct debit from your main bank account to pay off all of your credit card bills and voila! Extra credit rating payments every month for spending money you already were spending.


5: Reduce your debts with savings if you can

Before applying for any form of credit, it is important to try to reduce the total amount of outstanding debt you already have in your name. This is because lenders will use this information to determine the level of your “credibility”. Minimising your total debt by using any available savings before applying for a large amount of credit (such as a mortgage) can make a big difference with the credit deal that you are granted. The less total borrowing that you have in proportion the total value of your house, the better the deal will be that you are offered.

Other quick tips

REGISTER TO VOTE!- You’re unlikely to get any credit at all if you aren’t registered to vote in the electoral roll. Apply immediately to avoid any potential delays. All you’ll need to do to register online is answer a number of personal questions, the local electoral borough you need to register with and your national insurance number.

Avoid payday loans- They are not only horrendously expensive, but also some mortgage lenders have openly stated that they may reject those who have a current payday loan, due to its reflection of poor money management skills.

If you are rejected credit, find out why!- If you’re rejected check your files are correct immediately. You will be told by which credit agency was used by the lender so that you can contact those to check for any discrepancies in their information.

Don’t let anyone you live with or your partner’s score affect your score- If you’re financially linked to someone, their files may also be accessed when you apply for personal credit. Even if it’s just a joint bills account! Therefore, try to keep your finances completely separate from anyone that you know currently has a poor credit history, so that yours isn’t negatively affected.

How to buy the perfect gift

Christmas shopping can be an enjoyable and exciting experience, however struggling to find great gifts can be stressful, and we all know that one person who it’s almost impossible to buy for. That being said, a bit of creativity can soon crack these complex gifting puzzles and help find something special that they’d love. If you’re struggling to find a unique gift for someone this christmas, take a look at the tips below to find the perfect one!

  1. Personalise it!
    Everyone likes personalised gifts, as it shows you put real thought into picking up something just for them. Social media is a goldmine of information about the people you know, so check out their pages to get ideas for their perfect present. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all hold information about peoples likes and dislikes, whilst Tumblr and Pinterest are perfect places for your loved ones to post pictures of their interests and wishlists. You’re bound to be inspired and nail down something special for that hard-to-buy-for someone!
  2. Ask Friends and Family
    Asking around a persons’ friends and family may uncover interests or likes they have that you weren’t aware of, such as that persons’ favourite food or author. They may know something that they were planning to buy for themselves in the January sales, or may even know of something more expensive that you can buy together as a joint gift.
  3. The Gift of Subscription
    Does your person have a particular item or service that they buy for themselves frequently? A Netflix ur XBox live subscription could be the perfect gift to keep them entertained all year around. Even if they aren’t interested in those things, there are services available for coffee and chocolate lovers, healthy food lovers and even make-up lovers. Graze.comoffer healthy snacks by mail at a frequency you choose, whilst a monthly box of make up samples and is inexpensive too!
  4. The Gift of Experience
    For the person that just has everything, why not buy them an experience this christmas instead? You could even buy something that you could do together, such as a spa day or hot air balloon trip. The experiences available range from sports such as Zorbing or skydiving, to murder mystery nights and chocolate making sessions. If there is a band or comedian that the person enjoys, check if there are any upcoming gigs and grab tickets for an unforgettable gift.
  5. Put your talents to use!
    If you have a talent such as crochet or painting, DIY some gifts in the comfort of your own home, such as a crocheted mobile phone case or a personalised glass painted with glass paint. Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific talent though, there are many gifts that can be homemade which don’t require a lot of skill. Food items such as homemade jam or sweets make great gifts that can be given to multiple people. If you are struggling to think of something you can make at home, shops such as are full of unique handmade items from talented people. A homemade item is something that the person will appreciate and admire, and if you do well, they may request more for their birthday or next christmas!