Premier Man Review

Premier Man is a clothing site specifically catering towards men in their 40’s and 50’s, however, that

is not to say that they only cater for this group. Premier Man focus the majority of their products

around comfort, fit and value. For this reason you are able to buy clothes of any size (Up to 5XL),

while paying the exact same price as smaller sizes.


Within the men’s section they stock a wide range of different clothing styles; from T-shirts, knitwear,

sportswear, a wide variety of different trouser types and accessories. The wide range of prices

ensure that you are able to make the best decision for your own wardrobe, at an affordable price.

The average t-shirt costs between £20-30 , which, considering the high quality, seems a great

bargain. Alongside their men’s section is an extensive variety of available shoes to purchase. The

shoes range in price from £10 to £200 but the best deals can be found within the £25 and under

section for those on a budget.


Although it may not seem obvious by the company name, Premier Man also have an extensive

assortment of women’s clothing. The high quality and affordable trend in the men’s clothing is

continued within the women’s, where they have anything from dresses to knitwear, to lingerie.

Premier Man’s sizing offer is exactly the same in the women’s section where it is the same price for

the item, regardless of size. This, alongside their stocking sizes 8 through 38 ensures that, no matter

what your body type or clothing style, there will be something for you!


In the men’s section the primary brands sold by Premier man include the prestigious ‘French

Connection’, ‘Lambretta’ and ‘Breakburn’, with a vast amount of options from both ‘Southbay’ and

‘Williams and Brown’. The women’s section houses a variety of clothes from great brands such as

‘Anthology’, ‘Calvin Klein’, ‘Heavenly Soles’ and ‘Joanna Hope’. So you know you’re getting quality

with each purchase, alongside your great price.


As with many clothing stores, Premier Man has a credit account option to ensure that you get the

most out of your shopping experience. The credit or ‘personal account’ allows you to shop any way

you want while giving a 14 day period to try before you buy in the ‘comfort of your own home’. You

will not have to pay any interest on your personal account if you pay the balance in full by the date

on your statement and, if this isn’t’ an option, you can spread the cost and pay as much as you want

(above the minimum payment) to ensure your clothing needs fit within your personal budget.

On a final note, make sure to be on the look for flash deals on the website and on their social media

profiles so you never miss a deal!

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