Buy Now and Pay Later with these Pay Monthly Credit Catalogues

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What is a credit catalogue?

Credit catalogues are a common service provided by many Fashion, Homewear and Technology retailers that allow you to sign up to a credit or ’personal account’ and allow you to buy now and pay later. You can often choose to either pay on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on what is most convenient for you, which helps to spread the cost.

Catalogues Buy Now Pay Later

When catalogue shopping you will be sent a statement each week or month with the amount that needs to be paid, which is a great advantage if you need to purchase a particularly expensive item or over times like Christmas.

Have a bad credit rating?

Credit catalogues can also be used for people who have a poor credit rating; by buying from retailers through your credit account and making payments in a timely fashion your credit score will increase over time. This compounds on itself, and as you make more payments you may be offered a Credit Limit increase, which in turn will help increase your spending power and better your credit rating further.

Catalogues with no Credit Check

It should be noted though that while catalogues for bad credit can be very useful, some people may not qualify if their credit history is too bad, as all credit catalogue companies must perform a credit check before they accept you.

If you have a particularly bad credit rating you are trying to build up, check out our article with some helpful tips and tricks to help increase the quality of your credit here.

One quick tip is that being registered on the electoral Register will make a big difference to whether you are accepted or not, and if you are you will be increasing your chances by a good amount.

Applying for Catalogues with Credit:

Now that you are ready to apply for a credit account, there are a couple of things to consider: the first is if pay weekly catalogues, or pay monthly catalogues are best for you. When looking for catalogues with credit this will probably come down to how you get your income – if you are paid monthly then it might make sense to pay your credit monthly too.

Once you have decided on this and the catalogue you have decided to apply to, you will be asked for some personal details – this will just be some basic information such as you name, address and so on.

Once you have completed this you will be taked to the credit check. This usualy takes less than a minute and you will be told whether you have passed or failed.

Credit catalogue company’s make this decision based on your Credit Score which is made up of the information you just provided and details that the credit reference agency passes on. This is the same p

rocess you may have gone through if you have ever applied for a loan or mortgage, and if you score enough points your application will be accepted.

What if you are Rejected?

If you are denied at the credit rating test, there are several things you can do. First, is to make sure that your credit details are correct, the second is to to make sure you are registered to vote, and the third is to make sure all of your bills are beign paid on time.

You may have a CCJ (Count Court Judgement), which is a court order in the UK that may be registered to you if you fail to repay money you owe. These last for 6 years, so may still be eccecting your credit score.

You can check your credit history bu getting in touch with a credit reference agency. They may have different information on you, so we would recommend getting in touch with all of them to get a full view of your report.

Experion are a good choice and are currently offering a 30 day free trial to use their service, which you can then cancel as it will cost £14.pp p/m thereafter.

Consumer Help Service,
P.O. Box 8000,
Nottingham NG80 7WF.
Call 0844 481 8000 or log on to www.experian.co.uk

Call Credit PLC.
Consumer Services Team,
P.O. Box 491,
Leeds LS3 1WZ.
Call 0870 060 1414, or log on to www.callcredit.co.uk

Equifax PLC.
Credit File Advice Centre,
P.O. Box 3001,
Bradford BD1 5US.
Call 0844 335 0550 or log on to www.myequifax.co.uk

You can also look at applying for another catalogue, as different retailers use different companies to check your credit. Here is a list of which companies use which agency check as of October 2015:


  • La Redoute and Vertbaudet Catalogues UK


  • 24 Studio Catalogues UK


  • JD Williams
  • The Brilliant Gift Shop
  • Marisota
  • Jacamo
  • Juplia
  • Simply be
  • The Shoe Tailor
  • House of Bath
  • Ambrose Williams
  • Fashion World

A Few more important things to note:

Our last piece of advice that you should take on board is to please not lie on you application! If you try to use a fake name, address or DOB on your application this is classed as fraud and you can be reported to the CIFAS, who are responsible for fraud prevention in the UK. If you are reported you may lose your Bank and other credit accounts closed. This will not help your chances to get a credit account, so if you think you may not be eligible please get in touch with the credit agencies above, or follow our advice to begin improving your credit score.

When you are accepted:

Congratulations! Now that you have been accepted you are free to make purchased on your credit account. You will most likely be rewarded a credit limit of around £60 to £400 if it is the first account you have applied for. You can make any purchases with this, but be sure that you aware of the repayment details of the catalogue you chose.

As you start to make payments your credit score will increase, and your credit allowance will increase!

How to make payments:

When you buy a product, you will be billed either monthly or weekly and over the course of up to 2-3 years depending on the nature of the item you bought. If if was a large item like a new dishwasher, you might expect to make monthly payments over a couple of years.

You will have to pay more in the long run, due to the interest associated with buying he product on credit, but some retailers do offer zero-interest opportunities as long as you make your payments on time.

If you would like to return an item you have bought always make sure to check the returns policy of the relevant retailer.

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